Ultrasonic Welding Systems

Ultrasonic Tube Sealing
System for copper pipe fast sealing with ultrasonic technology

URV 20

The ultrasonic tube sealer URV-20 series represents a profound new design of industrial tube sealers, which are equipped with several innovative features, based on the experience of engineers and the manufacturing know-how of machine users all over the world.
The URV-20 series provides yet unique performance at extremely compact dimensions and low weight.
A   particular focus throughout the design phase has been on ergonomics, to allow the worker to handle the machine effortless and convenient. Thus, all handling and activation features are designed according  to the latest perceptions  of industrial requirements.


  • Gas-tight sealing with simultaneous cutting of Copper   service pipes up to ½“ or 12mm outer diameter
  • Used for refrigerators or air-conditioners to seal and cut the compressor and, when pre- sent, dryer filter service pipe after filling with coolant
  • Up to 3500 gas-tight welding/cuttings per shift
  • Smallest and lightest machine (only 7kg) on the market with extremely
  • compact design. This allows welding even in confined spaces (especially in horizontal refrigerators)
  • Consistent good welding results, even when tube quality changes Especially since the cop- per pipes are made in hard quality or the cop- per material is not perfectly clean and free of oxides
  • Lowest maintenance requirements
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