Evacuating and Pressurization Testing Units


Vacuum, tracer gas (H2 or He) mixtures Pressurization unit

AMIATA is a portable station to handle charge and discharge of pressure test gases and tracing mixtures.

AMIATA has been designed in particular for making pressure tests and leak test of refrigerating units with the use of inert gas or tracer gases such as helium or nitrogen/hydrogen, according to the ISO 10156 Standard; before the charge of the test gas it is possible to perform a vacuum cycle so to get a first cleaning of the unit and to make a preliminary  tightness test.

AMIATA is ideal for the tracing of components and refrigerating units, on production lines for any kind of appliance, wherever a pressure test or/and a trace gas leak test is required.

Functional Characteristics
  • Hight versatility and portability thanks to compact design
  • Maximum test pressure 20 bar, 40 bar on AMIATA 2
  • Digital gauges for pressure and vacuum measurement
  • Integrated pneumatic vacuum pump (5,2 m3/h capacity)
  • AMIATA is ready to be connected to external larger vacuum pump
  • Setting of working cycle parameters, filing/monitoring and printing test reports by connection to external PC
  • Bar code reader -as optional
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 50 programmable working cycles (200 on AMIATA 2)
  • Reporting of the sub cycle in progress
  • Possibility to pressurize two different gas mixtures on AMIATA 2
  • Built in agreement to the European Machinery Directive, Safety standards CE marked

Systems for preliminary evacuation

for pre evacuation circuits carousels
E2M series vacuum pumps

E2M series is the international reference point both for performance and long term reliability for vacuum pumps in the industrial installations.  E2M pumps can be equipped, according to the application needs, with a very large set of accessories and are available in broad range of capacities: 18, 28, 40, 80, 175 and 275 @ 50 Hz.

In the cases where very high pumping speeds are required, E2M pumps can suitably be coupled to Roots mechanical booster pumps. Other pump models available on request
EPS XX Expert Pumping System
Compact system for pre-evacuation has four flexible lines vacuum, EPS is capable of processing from one to four groups simultaneously. It is designed for high-capacity production.
  • working cycles including functions emptying until vacuum level assigned to be achieved within the settled time and evidence of rising pressure.
  • digital indication the level of vacuum reached through active head Pirani.
  • processing method configurable: LOW, SERIAL, ROTATION, PARALLEL.
  • connectable to the sides of the high and low pressure of two independent groups, or to the different sections of the larger groups over all dimensions 1150x600x400 mm.
  • Pumps are available with different flow rates: 16, 20, 30, 40, 80 m3 / h
  • setting up to 100 different cycles can be preset; more on request.
  • Power: 400 V - 50 Hz - 3ph + N + earth

Systems for preliminary evacuation

for pre evacuation circuits carousels

The GV units are designed for pre-evacuation of refrigeration units. They are provided with pipe fittings and ready for use. The power supply is recommended using three- phase systems to facilitate the initial stages of the pump in the winter period

In the suction line of the pump:

  • Filter to protect the vacuum pump from liquids, such as compressor oil or moisture
  • Digital Pirani vacuum gauge with adjustable set point. Alternatively Vacuum State Indicator, with Gems for indicating the degree of vacuum detected: Green (vacuum threshold reached) and Red (vacuum threshold not reached)
  • Two lines of high conductance vacuum with quick Hansen F to connect the units to be evacuated

The exhaust line of the pump can be equipped with high efficiency  filter (efficiency  up to 99.999% DOP test) ; the filter allows the recovery of the oil retained, in order to drastically reduce the consumption of oil of the vacuum pump.


RV series vacuum pumps
RV vacuum pumps are top quality and last generation pumps very easy to be put in use, very quite during operation and really intuitive in the maintenance.
All controls are clearly marked and have large finger grips for ease of use. The sight glass is clearly visible and both inlet and outlet are fitted with standard NW 25 flanges for the easiest connection to accessories.
Large diameter oil pass ages allow easy maintenance and any filling spillage is contained by the oil box well. No special tools are needed for servicing. The high reliability and top performance of this innovative line of pumps are well experienced in the refrigeration and A/C applications

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