Helium Charging Machine and Recovery Systems

Helium Charging Machine

Vacuum, tracer gas (H2 or He) mixtures Pressurization unit

AMIATA, has been designed in particular for making pressure tests and leak test of refrigerating units with the use of inert gas or tracer gases such as helium or nitrogen/hydrogen, according to the ISO 10156 Standard; before the charge of the test gas it is possible to perform a vacuum cycle so to get a first cleaning of the unit and to make a preliminary tightness test.

AMIATA is ideal for the tracing of components and refrigerating units, on production lines for any kind of appliance, wherever a pressure test or/and a trace gas leak test is required.
Connection between iAMIATA and the Helium leak detector 

In this picture it is represented with Protec P3000

Example of working cycle shown by the control unit
Functional Characteristics
  • Hight versatility and portability thanks to compact design
  • Maximum test pressure 20 bar, 40 bar on AMIATA 2
  • Digital gauges for pressure and vacuum measurement
  • Integrated pneumatic vacuum pump (5.2 m3/h capacity)
  • AMIATA is ready to be connected to external larger vacuum pump
  • Setting of working cycle parameters, filing/monitoring and printing test reports by connection to external PC
  • Bar code reader as optional
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 50 programmable working cycles (200 on AMIATA 2)
  • Reporting of the sub cycle in progress
  • Possibility to pressurize two different gas mixtures on AMIATA 2
  • Built in agreement to the European Machinery Directive, Safety standards CE marked

Technical Characteristics




Tracer gas/mixtures12
Pressurization System

1 realized with Aluminium block 

injector Length

2,5 m, other at request 

Maximum Test pressure20 bar40 bar
Pressure Sensor resolution

1 kPa 

Connection to the unit to be tested

¼” Hansen F (ISO 7241B),
¼” SAE at request 

Vacuum pump capacity

Integrated pneumatic depressor 5,2 m3/h; DN16KF
flange for connection to ext. vacuum pump

Programmable cycles



Safety valve security setting

> 40 bar, configurable at request

Control Unit


PC connection

RS232 / LAN

Power supply

230 V – 50 Hz – 3ph + earth

Power consumption

0,7 kW

Compressed air supply

6÷7 bar


560x420x300 mm


~150 kg

Working temperature

from 5 °C to 45° C 

The provided unit could not exactly match with the one described

Optional features and devices

  • DCA (Data Collector Application for RS232/USB)
  • External depressor
  • Automatic working cycle selection performed by bar code reader
  • On-Board printer
  • Obstructed vacuum group test and/or capillary test (only in AMIATA 2)
  • Integrated vacuum pump > 8m3/h / unit assembled on a hydraulic cabinet realized by FT

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